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The Association for Language Learning (ALL) was founded in 1990 through the amalgamation of seven UK associations of language teachers - Association of Teachers of Italian, Association of Teachers of German, Association of Teachers of Spanish & Portuguese, Association of Dutch Language Teachers, Association of Teachers of Russian, British Association for Language Teaching and the Modern Language Association, which had previously worked together under the umbrella of The Joint Council of Language Associations.

ALL is now the major subject association for those involved in teaching modern foreign languages (MFL) at all levels and in all languages. Although in its journals and conferences good practice in teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) is disseminated, the main focus of ALL is the teaching of languages other than English. If your main interest is EFL, you may like to find out more about the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL)

The Association actively promotes through its members the teaching and learning of MFL by:

providing information and publications
organising professional development activities
acting as a public voice on behalf of members

It aims to

encourage an understanding of the importance of languages at all levels in our society
promote the development in the United Kingdom education systems of language policies which appropriately reflect the linguistic diversity and the language needs of the country and its population
advance public understanding of the nature and process of language learning and the techniques and approaches for successful language teaching.
promote improved standards of language teaching

There are currently some 5500 members from all sectors of education - primary, secondary, further, higher and adult education, teacher-training, advisory and inspection services and trainers in industry. The work of the Association is undertaken through its committee structure, which includes language specific committees for:

Arabic French Japanese
Asian Languages German Russian
Dutch Italian Spanish and Portuguese

In addition, ALL works through a range of national advisory committees. These include: Education Policy Committee, Members Services Committee (with sub-committees for Journals and ALL's conference), Marketing and Recruitment Committee. ALL also has a network of branches throughout the UK. They are supported by a secretariat based in Rugby. Some members live outside the UK.

Within the basic subscription, members receive the quarterly newsletter Language World, the twice-yearly Language Learning Journal, plus a choice of two of the following specialist journals which also appear twice a year  

The Portuguese Bulletin and Dutch newsletter are currently produced as additional newsheets. Along with a range of partners, ALL has just published the first edition of a short ICT newsletter for teachers of MFL. Members may choose to buy additional publications over and above the two included in membership and all publications are available to non-members through a library subscription. These refereed journals are taken by libraries worldwide. In addition the Association publishes handbooks for language teachers. Photocopiable Classroom Resource packs to support reading, writing and homework are also available for a range of languages.

Members have the opportunity to meet through the Association's UK-wide network of branches and at one-day events for teachers of a particular language and at more generic inservice events that are relevant to all teachers of MFL.

The major annual event is the conference and exhibition, jointly known as Language World. This caters for the whole range of members' interests, offering a choice of over 100 talks, workshops and presentations during a three day period. The exhibition, which is open to all, is the largest display of resources and services for language-learning and teaching in the UK.

The independent status of the Association, funded largely through membership subscriptions, means that it is well placed to approach government and national bodies about matters of concern in language teaching and learning. The Association regularly meets with the DfEE and other government agencies (e.g. QCA & TTA). There is close liaison with organisations with an interest in all aspects of language teaching, including those representing specific sector interests, particularly with a view to moving towards a coherent modern languages policy for the UK. ALL regularly consults its members on views about national issues in order that these can be relayed to the appropriate authorities. Sometimes, consultation takes the form of meetings, sometimes it is done through surveys and questionnaires.

Members play an active part within world associations such as the Fédération Internationale de Professeurs de Langues Vivantes (FIPLV), the Fédération Internationale des Professeurs de Français, Der Internationale Deutschlehrerverband (IDV) and MAPRYAL (Russian Association of Teachers of Languages and Literature).



The Association for Language Learning is the major subject association in the UK for teachers of all languages in all sectors of education and in the field of business training